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Looking for sound, impartial advice about learning to drive and pass success? If so, you’ve come to the right place! I set up this blog to offer the best of my advice and expertise to new drivers and those just embarking on their first lessons to make the process a lot less scary and a lot more fulfilling. When you start learning to drive, lots of fellow learners and those who have already passed their tests like to fill your head with myths and tales of nightmare accidents, tricky manoeuvres and evil examiners. Here on the blog I debunk the myths and instead offer sound, practical and honest advice to help you to take each step towards passing your test with confidence and competence, whether you are learning to drive with us or not.
Learning to drive with Geoff Capes If you live in Stockport or Macclesfield and you are in the process of thinking about starting driving lessons, or have perhaps already started driving lessons and are becoming frustrated or disillusioned whilst learning to drive, then why not pop along to our driving school where we are totally committed to customer success. This means that when you’re not happy, we’re not happy – and we are only ever satisfied with a pass situation.
When you learn to drive with us you will get all the latest teaching techniques combined with a caring and patient attitude with guarantees a high pass rate every time. It is extremely important that every single one of your lessons has a clear goal and that you clearly understand that goal. Far too many driving lessons consist of just driving around with no goal in mind – which can often make learning to drive confusing and stressful with little structured direction or guidance.
“If you make a mistake in your driving it is important that you understand what the mistake was and how you are going to be able to fix it, but many driving instructors fail to follow these methods. If you do not have a clear goal for each of your lessons it leads to you driving around aimlessly and in the long run increases the number of lessons you have to take, which ultimately leads to you paying out more of your hard earned money. If you are taking driving lessons at the moment and you are just driving around with no clear goal in mind, how are you going to understand what is required of you during a driving lesson? You are most welcome to join us if you prefer to get your lessons back on track at Geoff Capes Driving School, where you can join all of our other successful local customers who have passed their tests with our driving school.” Geoff Capes, Owner For more on Geoff Capes Driving School and how we are different, please visit our site here:

8 Successful Steps to getting a 1st Time Pass

No 1. Consistency Is Key. Always try to take your lessons on a weekly basis.The people who take their lessons on a regular basis they tend to learn so much faster.If finances allow try to take a 2 hour lesson you will learn alot more and get to your test quicker.1 hour lessons tend not to give you value for money. By the time we have discussed your last lesson and then drove to the training area you could have used up 15 mins of your lesson, then at the end of the lesson we have a recap on the lesson to see what you have learnt that could take 5 mins so you see that is 20mins of your 60min lesson already gone
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NO.2. Always Get Yourself Prepared For Your Driving Lesson. Always get yourself in the right mindset for your lesson that way you will find you get the most out of your driving lesson
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No 3. Your Driving Lessons should always begin with a summary of your last lesson. Please don’t underestimate this very important point. this is aimed at finding out what you have remembered from your last lesson and to find out what knowledge you possess on the next subject. Your driving lessons will not go as planned if you do not know the theory behind each subject
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No 4. The Lessons Goal. This is possibly, the most important part to your progress. Without a firm goal, your  learning period will tend to go on a lot longer than is neccesssary. It is very important that EVERY lesson has a definite goal.  It is vital to your learning process that you understand what will be covered in every driving lesson and how it will move you towards your goal. Driving aimlessly around is a complete waste of your hard earned money.
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NO 5. Your Driving Lessons should always be structured. Your driving lessons should always take you from the known to the unknown. Your Lessons should follow a structured path from quite easy at the beginning and then getting progressivly harder as you devolop the skills. Your instructor should always be asking you questions to check your understanding of the subject. That way the instructor will be able to transfer responsibility to you as your learning increases
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NO 6. Recap of Your Driving Lesson. This is what you will discuss at the end of your driving lesson this will help you retain what you have just learned on your lesson.
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NO 8.Always  listen to Your Driving Instructor. Driving Instructors are highly trained and experienced at assessing when you will be ready for your driving test, you are paying for professional advice - So it would be wise to listen to it.

Don't think that all driving school's and driving instructors are the same